The Organisation for Propaganda Studies (OPS) facilitates and conducts rigorous academic research and analysis of propaganda, both historical and contemporary. Propaganda is a manipulative form of persuasion that is frequently found across political, economic, and security domains in authoritarian states as well as in liberal democracies

Current debates regarding ‘fake news’ and media manipulation are indicative of widespread concerns over propagandistic communication. The OPS explores, analyses and critiques propaganda and seeks to foster the development of more consensual and democratic forms of persuasion and communication.

In addition to facilitating and conducting research and analysis, OPS activities will include academic conferences and workshops, research funding bids, and the production and dissemination of high quality academic papers and monographs as well as the blog posts, articles in the media and professional outlets.

The OPS also seeks to develop relations with communication practitioners such as journalists, media professionals, educators, and other stakeholders to facilitate dissemination of research-based knowledge and the reform of professional and ethical practice.

The OPS website will provide an essential ‘go to’ resource on propaganda, suitable for researchers, practitioners, teachers and the general public, and include links to scholarly publications, projects, and media engagement activities.

Activities are coordinated and supported through the directors (all with current or former University affiliations) and an advisory board comprised of leading academics, journalists, communications professionals and activists. The OPC actively seeks income via donations and consultancy fees as well as research council and other research funding.

The OPS is established as a non-profit company in the UK, company number 11076900, registered office address: Spaceworks Easton Business Centre, Felix Road, Bristol, UK, BS5 0HE. Contact email address:- piers.robinson_at_propagandastudies.org