Selected Interviews, Presentations and Media Appearances


Professor Mark Crispin Miller on distinguishing propaganda from information, interview with Elze van Hamelen de Andere Krant, April 2022.

Dr Piers Robinson’s interview with Rick Munn on ‘The Critical Hour’, TNT Radio, about mainstream media and silencing of dissent and debate, from war in Syria and Ukraine to COVID-19, February 2022.

Dr Piers Robinson interviewed for DW’s ‘Fact Check: How do I spot State-Sponsored Propaganda‘, January 2022.


Professor David Miller interviewed by The Electronic Intifada regarding the Israel lobby campaign against him and the need to talk about Zionism, November 2021.

Professor David Miller interviewed by Lowkey: ‘Academic Fired Following Israel Lobby Smear’, MintPressNews, October 2021.

Professor David Miller interviewed by Richard Medhurst re Fired for Criticising Israel, ‘The Communiqué’,  Press TV, October 2021.

Dr Jared Ball interviews investigative journalist Barrett Brown about whistleblowers, the state and surveillance, iMiXWHATiLiKE; Black Power Media, May 2021.

Professor Oliver Boyd-Barrett discussing Media Imperialism with Citizen Truth, May 2021.

Professor Mark Crispin Miller interviewed by Catherine Austin Fitts about Propaganda, COVID-19 and Teaching Propaganda, May 2021.

Professor Mark Crispin Miller interviewed by Elze van Hamelen for Cafe Weltschmerz about propaganda, freedom of speech and academic freedom, May 2021.

Dr Jared Ball interviewed by Nino Brown and Gabby Ballard about The Myth of Black Buying Power, Liberation News, April 2021.

Dr Piers Robinson interviewed by Dr Jared Ball on the OPCW Controversy, iMiXWHATiLiKE; Black Power Media, April 2021. 

Professor Oliver Boyd-Barrett discussing RussiaGate and Propaganda with Joanne Leon and Kelley Lane for Around the Empire, March 2021.


Professor Mark Crispin Miller interview by Katie Halper and Matt Tabbie. ‘Useful Idiots’ Rolling Stone, December 2020.


Dr Tara McCormack and Dr Piers Robinson interviewed on the anti-war movement, contemporary war and propaganda with Ross Ashcroft of Renegade Inc. October 2019.

Professor Jared Ball, ‘Degrees of Propaganda: The University and Public Opinion’, Keynote address at Faculty Senate, Howard University March 2019.

2018 and earlier

Professors Christopher Simpson and Jared Ball discuss ‘Information Warfare and Propaganda Analysis’ for Academics in Cars, September 2018.

Professor Piers Robinson and Dr Florian Zollmann interview on propaganda and journalism with Ross Ashcroft of Renegade Inc. May 2018.

Professor Mark Crispin Miller interview on conspiracy theory and propaganda with Ross Ashcroft of Renegade Inc. 2017.

Professors David Miller and Piers Robinson discuss propaganda and deception at the conference Understanding Conflict: Research, ideas and responses to security threats, University of Bath. June 2015.